What can you achieve using WordPress

When it comes to content managing, one of the most powerful tools that exists is WordPress. It has gained popularity because of its simplicity to some levels that has made important brands such as TED, NFL and even CNN to rely on its services. Of course, WordPress started like a simple way to manage websites and publish blog posts, its power and utilities can do so much more. Follow the read and find out some of the things that you can achieve using this amazing tool.

Forum Creation

Creating a forum is a great way to start or maintain a community and WordPress allows you to do so using bbPress. This plugin is one of the many that WordPress has made available in order to create multi-site forms. There are many other plugins that include the forum creation feature such as CM Answers which lets you log in via social network, upload some attachments and others, AnsPress that makes voting and flagging comments available and Forum Engine that has responsive design so your visitors won’t have any trouble when browsing from any kind of device.

Usage of Shortcodes

These amazing tools that let us replace long and repetitive HTML codes let us include a bunch of functionality in the content we’re creating and eliminate the possibility of messing up. Sometimes, adding an ad or a social network button could be difficult, and we’re using WordPress because we enjoy being able to do great things easily. So we don’t have to become experts in HTML or CSS, just install the right plugin. Simple Shortcodes or WordPress Shortcodes will be the ones to help us add social icons, toggles, columns SEO tabs and many more.

Cloning Themes

The advantage of cloning a theme is no other than integrating your content to already existing websites. Creating a theme requires a lot of knowledge in the fields of coding, CSS and carries the weight of finding the appropriate images. In order to avoid investing a lot of hours of our valuable time, we can install great plugins like ThemeMatcher that will only ask you for an URL and a layout and in a matter of seconds will provide you a .zip file that includes all the information you need to create a theme. There are other plugins such as iPin Pro that lets you clone the theme of a Pinterest page and will let you share images easily and neatly.

Creating Galleries

This achievement is great for those who want to share their photographic talent with the world. There are plugins like NextGen Gallery Plugin that allows you to choose from different display styles when you’re about to upload your pictures, it also lets you control the size, lightbox effect and many other features while setting up your gallery.

There are many more tools you can include in your content like job boards, multisites, social networks, protection features and the list goes on and on. Keep researching and find the best plugins for your goals!