What can you do using c, c# or C++, build the world!

Humans communicate with each other through millions of spoken languages. There are plenty of differences between those languages, but some of them share the same origin which makes them easier to learn if you already know a similar language. Programming languages work the same way, depending on the things you want to achieve, you might want to learn a basic language and then try some others to reach more specific tasks.

One of the most useful and used programming languages is C, and of course, its whole family is well recognized, but what can you do with those languages? Well, follow the read and find out!

First, let’s talk about the most basic one, C. This language is worldly recognized as one of the bests to write an immense amount of applications that go from writing compilers that suit other languages, database and web servers, software tools that might be part of more complex systems and many other tasks. C is easy to understand, most of its functions are English words that can be handled by anyone who knows how to speak it. The only disadvantage is that what’s written on this language has to be transformed from human-readable to machine-readable through a compiler, but there are dozens of compilers out there that make this a minor problem.

C language family works kind of like cars do. C is like a nice sedan that can get a lot of the work done, but if you go through a muddy road with a sedan you might want to have the http://www.towtruckcincinnati.com contact at hand. That’s why there are off road vehicles, they were specifically made to accomplish that task; C# and C++ are similar, they’re good to accomplish some specific tasks as well.

Let’s start with C#, this language is perfect to build an amazing amount of applications, for example: games on Unity, mobile applications for Android, Windows Phone or iOS on Xamarin, web applications with ASP NET core. C# is backed up by Microsoft and offers Visual Studio, the best IDE to work on. It also puts the first steps to understand Java and make even more awesome things. Nevertheless, C# is not that good when it comes to software developing, so if you stick to apps with this one, you won’t have troubles.

Now, when we talk about C++, we talk about a programming titan. This language is the best option when it comes to server side programming, operative system building, writing compilers and game development. C++ relies on the hardware of the system instead of virtual machines and when it’s fully applied and seized, shows an unequal performance. In this case, writing a server with C++ is like hiring Bill Gates to run a lemonade stand, a waste of talent that could complicate things on the long run.

So now you know the basics of the things you can achieve with the C family, start learning the basics and eventually you’ll be able to build an entire world!